e-Leases can provide a variety of equipment financing and leasing options to business owners with approvals less than 24 Hours after completion of our application.  With our one-page application-you can receive a credit decision and same-day and funding within 48 Hours.  We have programs for all credit types, good or bad.

Equipment Financing with e-Leases enables you to acquire the equipment and technology your business needs without accessing your working capital or business credit line e-Leases knows that providing your business with the right equipment can help increase sales, improve efficiency and make dramatic improvement in your bottom line.

   – Agricultural Equipment                                 – Business Equipment                        – Computer Leasing

– Construction Equipment                              – Heavy Equipment                           – Printing Leasing

– Network Equipment                                  – Software Leasing                            – Truck Leasing 

– Medical Equipment                                     – Auto Leasing                                   – Tax Lease         

– Operating Lease                                        – Direct/Finance Lease                      – Municipal Lease

   – Manufacturing Equipment                                 – Full Service Lease                           – Single Investor Lease

 We also provide Working Capital Lines of Credit that can be used for covering payroll, purchasing inventory, business expenses, location expansion, remodeling, federal and state taxes, or any expenditures that you will need to grow your business.  We also provide Working Capital for start up companies as well!

Your business has an Advantage Leasing with e-Leases, because we can cover all your leasing needs.